Since 1960, human lifespan has expanded by 22 years.
Global GDP per capita has increased by 25x.
To achieve this, we innovated: we developed antibiotics, high-yield crops, public water treatment, and food inspection technologies, among many other breakthroughs. Not only did we create these technologies, but we built the governmental and commercial infrastructure to spread these innovations widely.  
Despite these advances, mental health and wellbeing has largely declined.
Mental illness, drug addiction, neurological diseases, and loneliness are widespread. 
One in five Americans has a mental illness, less than half of them are getting treatment. In the last two decades, drug overdose deaths have tripled and suicide deaths have gone up by 35%.
The next dramatic step forward in human progress calls for changing our inner world, targeting mental, behavioral, and emotional factors to dramatically reduce suffering and provide the foundation for a full and meaningful life. We are in the early innings of a multi-decade transformation of mental wellbeing, a revolution that is not only reshaping healthcare, but broadly reshaping the way we live, work, learn and relate.
The combination of public awareness and a shift in stigma, new legislative and governmental support, and rapidly increasing employer demand has created opportunities for ideas that, if successful, change what’s possible for mental health.
Ideas that can go from a whiteboard sketch to touching millions of lives in the course of a few short years.
Stakeholders across research, payors, providers, policy, and technology,  have been disparate and siloed in their expertise, there is now an opportunity to break down barriers and create collaborative infrastructure required for supporting innovation.
Now is the moment we can reverse the mental health decline and in the course of decades, create a world that would be unrecognizable by today’s standards.
At GreyMatter, we're taking a new approach to help get us there.

Our Approach

We help founders navigate the complex mental health startup journey.
A winding, non-linear path with several milestones and obstacles, representing a startup's journey
  • We help founders identify the most promising areas of research and technological opportunity.
  • We provide access to the best of what successful mental health founders  have already learned, using playbooks and data to shape their strategy.
  • We curate a deep, multidisciplinary network of experts that spans clinical practice, scientific research, government policy, regulatory compliance and commercialization.
  • We support founders with critical hires, helping build founding teams, and making key executive hires.
  • We map introductions to customers across the healthcare industry (health plans, employers, health systems, schools, and more) and help navigate closing the most impactful deals.
  • Throughout, we provide specialized guidance and coaching, with steadfast support and calm counsel through the inevitable turbulence of an ambitious journey.
  • And, we provide them with capital along the way, paired with access to a network of co-investors.

Our Shared Values


Comittment to Service

We serve our teammates, founders and the broader mental health community, and through that work we serve the millions of people that will benefit from greater innovation in mental health.


Entrepreneurial Urgency

We move quickly, work hard, matching the pace of the founders we partner with; there is a lot of wood to chop.


Optimistic Curiosity

We keep an open mind, we have the humility to know we will often be wrong, we constantly ask ourselves “what could go right?” in addition to “what could go wrong?”


Long View

We know this work will take decades, we will be persistent and optimize for the long term, putting relationships and partnerships first.


Shared Ownership

 We take ownership and give agency in building GreyMatter - we trust and expect our teammates to take the initiative.  We help external collaborators become part of the movement and bring them inside the tent to help develop it with us.